Berrymans Loyalty Program

Our way of saying thanks!

Sign up to our Loyalty Program and earn points on every purchase - even if it's on sale!

How do I join?

When you shop on-line, you will be asked to create an account - this will automatically enrol you in our loyalty program, and you will earn points on your first purchase!

If you shop in-store, you will have the option of joining our program.  It only takes a moment and as it's all recorded in the system, you won't have to carry yet another loyalty card!


How do I redeem my loyalty points?

If you shop in-store you can redeem your loyalty points at any time!  You do not have to wait until you reach a set balance.  Just make sure you use your points within 12 months before they expire.

After you make a purchase, check the bottom of your receipt to see how many loyalty points you have to redeem on your next purchase.  All loyalty points are shown in NZ dollars.  

If you only shop on-line, you can use your loyalty points once your balance shows $25.  If you make a purchase and your loyalty balance was over $25 before making your purchase, you will receive a $25 refund.  We will be in contact to arrange this refund.  Don't forget you could still come in-store at any time to use your loyalty points before you reach a $25 balance.