Siku MAN TG-A Low Loader w Liebherr 974 Excavator sku1847

MAN TG-A Loader w Liebherr 974 Excavator -1847


  • $89.99

The MAN TG-A in its most impressive format as a 2-axle heavy haulage transporter to 1:87 scale. Design wheel rims with rubber track. Very detailed modelling of exteriors and exhaust to rear of cabin. With coupling system - a 3-axled flat-bed trailer is coupled with swan neck. The flat-bed trailer is fitted with easy-to-manoeuvre mechanics for kids, so it's no problem to decouple it from the swan neck. All this makes for more realistic play, recreating the original loading function. The loading vehicle is a large-scale Liebherr digger with low loader.

Item No: 1847

Scale: 1:87

Ages: 3+ Years