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Fans of virtual reality and video games feel at home in the amazing LEGO® Hidden Side universe, where physical and digital play meet to provide an incredible, single or multiplayer augmented reality (AR) play experience. This haunted fairground (70432) ghost-hunting toy combines a buildable LEGO model with an app, so interaction with the model triggers events in a digital world. Digitally interactive building toy The haunted fairground model springs to life when viewed through a smart device equipped with the LEGO Hidden Side AR app. Kids then get to explore, solve mysteries, hunt ghosts and battle boss ghost Tragico the Clown in an exciting digital world. And with a roller coaster, drop ride and 5 minifigures the scene is set for imaginative role-play fun! An ever-evolving digital play experience The LEGO Hidden Side universe is set in the fictional town of Newbury, where ghosts haunt people and buildings. The AR play experience is constantly enhanced through new content, characters and special events.
What’s in the box? This augmented reality (AR) LEGO® set includes a digitally interactive Hidden Side haunted fairground model with roller coaster, drop ride and Jack, Parker, J.B., Jimbo Loblo and Terry Top minifigures.
The haunted fairground model comes to life when viewed through a smart device equipped with the free LEGO® Hidden Side AR app. Kids then get to solve mysteries, find items and hunt ghosts in a haunted digital world.

When built, this LEGO® Hidden Side Haunted Fairground (70432) augmented reality playset measures over 11" (28cm) high, 13" (35cm)wide and 10" (27cm) deep.
Battery-free building toy. The Hidden Side AR app is compatible with selected iOS and Android devices. Please check compatibility at Children should ask parents' permission before going online.
Getting started with this LEGO® Hidden Side augmented reality toy really is child's play. You'll find easy-to-follow instructions in the box and online – so simply tear open the LEGO brick bags and let the fun begin!

Item No: 70432

Pieces: 466

Ages: 8+ years