Fisher Price Whack-a-saurus drf99


Fisher Price

  • $36.99

This prehistoric pal really gets baby's fine motor skills and curiosity rolling. Just place the balls on the dino's back and your little one can use the rattle mallet to tap them into its belly. And that's when the fun really picks up, as baby tries to decide where the balls will go next! Will they roll down the dino's tail or out of its mouth? The Fisher-Price® Whack-a-saurus will keep your little crawler guessing — and chasing after the balls— time after time after time. (It just never gets old!)

Fine Motor — Grasping the mallet & hitting the balls are dino-mite for helping to build eye-hand coordination!
Curiosity — Not knowing which way the ball will roll engages baby's sense of wonder!
Self-expression — Little ones' confidence builds as they learn how to tap the balls into the belly.
Lots of fun on tap! Baby can tap balls with the toy mallet and watch them land in the dino’s belly
Each time a ball drops down below it’s a surprise where it will go! Balls can roll down the tail or out the mouth
Includes rattle mallet for ball-tapping fun and 3 colorful balls.

Ages: 9 Months +