Barbie Kitty Condo


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Help Barbie® doll care for 1 cat and 4 adorable kittens in their adorable Kitty Condo™ playset!
The Kitty Condo™ playset features 4 levels and a peekaboo hideout, plus a spinning rope toy, a teaser toy and a basket that moves up and down!
The basket detaches to double as a pet bed, and the teaser toy can clip into Barbie® doll's hand for twice the fun!
Expand storytelling even more with nurturing accessories, like a bottle, brush and ball of yarn.
Barbie® doll is ready for a day of play in a stylish dress with a sweet pawprint pattern and casual blue sneakers.

Item No: HHB70

Ages: 3+ years

Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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