4M Tincan Edge Detector Robot 103370

Tincan Edge Detector Robot


  • $34.99

Help save our environment! Recycle a used beverage can to build this Edge Detector Robot. It moves all over your tabletop without ever falling off.
Kit contains base cover, base with wires, lower can ring, upper can ring, gear top plate, battery cover, Lower arm x 2, upper arm x 2, transparent cover, motor with wires, axle x 2, eye support x 2, eye x 2, bolt & nut x 2, gear wheel x 2, terminal cap x 2, small screw x 5 and detailed instructions . Also required, but not included in the kit: a clean empty soft drink can, a small crosshead screwdriver, one 'AAA' 1.5-volt battery. Assembled size to be about 170 x 85 mm (with drinks can).

Age 8+ years.