Crystal Growing - 3x Assorted

Crystal Growing - 3x Assorted


  • $17.99

The popular Crystal Growing kit is a best seller.

Grow your own sparkling and colourful crystal from this one fabulous kit. Display the crystal in the specially designed cases included for a cool crystal collection for your bedroom or mantel piece! The size of your crystals will grow to around 5cm in diameter and 4cm high. The size, shape and colour of your crystal may vary depending on the experimental conditions.

The kit includes 3 coloured crystal seeding mixtures. This allows for many different colour possibilities.

It's a fun, sparkling chemistry experiment.

Inclusions: 1 bag of white crystal compound, 3 small bags of coloured crystal seeding mixture, 1 seeding spoon, 1 container, instructions.

 Ages: 10+ years. Adult guidance recommended.