Airfix EE Lightning F2A 6 204054h

EE Lightning F2A 6


  • $34.99

The earliest Lightning mark F1 entered RAF squadron service in 1960 and represented a quantum leap in capability and performance over its predecessors offering an integrated weapons system, Mach 2+ performance and a phenomenal rate of climb.The F2 introduced in 1962 was heavily modified in 1968 producing the F2A with square cut fin, kinked leading edges and enlarged ventral tank which gave an enhanced combat air patrol time of around two hours.The F2A adapted superbly from its original high altitude role to patrolling the Berlin Corridor at low level. Replaced by Phantoms in RAF Germany 1977, the Lightning had few rivals for speed and rate of climb.This model features:
Finely recessed surface detail
The canopy can be positioned open or closed
Various armament options
Adjustable flaps
Optional refuelling probe