Childrens Bedroom Set -4254

Childrens Bedroom Set -4254

Sylvanian Families

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Children's Bedroom Furniture: With 2 beech-style beds which can be stacked on top of each to make bunk beds and a ladder connecting them, this Children's Bedroom Furniture Set is ideal for a brother and sister sharing. With two matching soft toys, a brown bear boy and beige girl bear, as well as chequered bedding in fetching green and red, this bedroom set is perfect for children that are just starting to grow up, along with a shelf unit with drawers and 10 accessories.

Additional accessories include: 2 x Books, 1 x Calendar, 1 x Notebook, 1 x Ruler, 1 x Yellow Pencil, 1 x Pink Pencil, 1 x Pen Holder, 1 x Book End (Sylvanians love their stationery)

Item No: 4254

Ages: 3+ years

Part of the Sylvanian Families collection

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