Just Living Life - Somewhere Yorkshire

Just Living Life - Somewhere Yorkshire


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Artist Emma Joustra takes her technical abilities picked up while art directing in advertising and embraces twenty-first century art technology to create works full of interest. Emma’s pictures are all sketched, inked, then coloured with a digital pen. From vapour trails in the sky, to birds and tiny insects in overhanging leaves, Emma strives to squeeze as much detail as possible into each piece to give the puzzler clues to hook into. Her hope is to make every piece challenging and fun. Titles are: Festival Season, Ski, Somewhere in Yorkshire and Summer Breeze. Collect all four titles.

Item No: 77323

Suitable for ages 8yrs+.

Approximate puzzle dimensions: 688mm x 493mm. Box size: 270mm x 370mm.

Made in New Zealand by Holdson.