Barbie Outdoor Furniture -Backyard BBQ

Barbie Outdoor Furniture -Backyard BBQ


  • $24.99

Get ready to soak up the sun with Barbie® outdoor furniture sets that come with a pet friend!
Summery themes set the scene for a perfect day outside — like this silvery grill and tall blue stool.
The grill heats things up with a top that opens and closes, side shelves and two hooks to hang cooking accessories.
Food items, like a cup with straw and hamburger on a “paper” plate, look good enough to eat!
Bright colors, iconic details and trendy touches add unique style to each look — the grill has signature touches with pink knobs and a Barbie® silhouette, and the tall blue stool with its simple design makes it a great addition.
The brown Dachshund is absolutely adorable and ready to eat.

Ages: 3+ Years