Pep Little Spaces - Tea Time with Peppa

Peppa Pig

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Shall we have some tea? It looks as though Peppa’s teddy bear said yes, because this Tea Time with Peppa Accessory Set is packed with everything preschoolers need to host a wonderful afternoon tea for Peppa and her pal. Inspired by the acclaimed animated series, the set comes with a 3-inch Peppa figure wearing a cute dress with a cupcake on it. Accessories include Peppa’s teddy bear (the guest of honor), a tree decorated with garland, 2 chairs, and a special table featuring a dial in the center. When kids spin the dial, a tray pops out from the middle, displaying sandwiches and cupcakes!

Includes 1 figure and 5 accessories

Item No: F2528

Ages: 3+ years

Barcode: 5010993846221

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