Popping Colour Mixer Truck

Popping Colour Mixer Truck

Leap Frog

  • $37.99

Drop one of the colourful balls into the adorable construction truck and the mixer will light-up to match the colour of the ball. Add another ball and press the lever to watch the balls tumble around and “mix” together to change the colour of the mixer and learn how new colours are created. Buttons on the side of the truck teach colours, shapes and numbers. Use them to answer questions that the truck asks in work mode or add construction sounds to the songs in music mode. Store the balls inside the mixer or open the door to watch them tumble out and play again. It’s colour mixing time!


  • Light up the adorable construction truck by dropping a ball inside and watching the mixer change colour.
  • Add two balls to the colour mixer and push the lever to “mix” the balls together to learn how to create a whole-new colour.
  • Learn colours, shapes and numbers by pressing the colourful shape buttons on the truck.
  • Use them to answer questions or add sounds to the music.

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